Scary Lady Sarah (scaryladysarah) wrote in gi_indianapolis,
Scary Lady Sarah

[EVENT](Chicago) Sat. 3 July: NOCTURNA, 22nd Anniversary Special! 18+

(Click for large version of flier.)


You are invited to attend the 22nd anniversary celebration of NOCTURNA (and it's the first Nocturna in *over* two months!!!)

Come enjoy a night of great dark music amongst friends, old and new, and dance until dawn!

11pm - 5am / 18+ / $10.

The last Nocturna featured a live performance by the amazing FAITH & THE MUSE and this time, William Faith of the band will be in town to spin a special set of music for our 22nd anniversary! (I'll be on hand to play your requests & more, too!) Just a heads-up: If you didn't pick up the most recent Faith & the Muse cd (or any other) while they were in town, William will be bringing various cool merch to Nocturna.

We'll also be graced with a special performance at midnight by Chicago's premiere tribal belly dance troupe, READ MY HIPS. We're so very happy to have them back! :)

There are tons of cool cd giveaways for this night as well, including the long-awaited debut album by British goth band PRETENTIOUS, MOI? and a new album by goth/trip hop NY band TRANQUILATWIST. More cd promos/giveaways to be announced! (Maybe some Faith & the Muse goodies?)

*JUST ADDED!* Also giveaways for "The
Romanti-Goth A to Z Coloring Book," courtesy of the wonderful people from Seraphemera Books. Hooray! :) Hooray! :)

- - - - - - - -
Nocturna, now in its 22nd year, is an 18+ dark alternative dance night held once every other month (or so) in Chicago. DJ Scary Lady Sarah flies in from Berlin, Germany to spin a highly request-driven mix of current & classic goth, industrial, post-punk, deathrock, ethereal, shoegaze, new wave, ebm, darkwave, dark indie & more. It's a lot of fun & you should go!
- - - - - - - -

Thank you, please spread the word & I hope to see many of you there!

~Scary Lady Sarah~
on behalf of everyone at American Gothic Productions
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